Friday, October 20, 2017

One Stormy Night!.... Kissing Frogs Prequel

Now that we've all had a chance to fall in love with Kim and Her Book Kissing Frogs we can now look forward to the prequel!!

One Stormy Night...

“Going to try your luck?” A voice purred into my ear as I stood watching. Turning my head, I saw one of the most beautiful women I’d even seen. Lusciously curvy, she stood next to me with a coy smile on her ruby red lips, her hair the color of flames. She wore shoes with heels like daggers. Silk stockings caressed her legs past her knees and disappeared under the hem of her dress. The icy blue dress wrapped around her voluptuous body, clinging to her like flowing water. It was held up by what I could only imagine was sorcery, putting ample amounts of soft, white cleavage on display. My mouth watered at the sight. When my eyes met hers again, the smile deepened. She knew I liked what I saw.

“I don’t think I need to,” I said. “All I need is right in front of me. Might I buy you a drink, lass?” I offered her my arm and was gratified when she took it. As we walked to the bar, a cloud of scent surrounded me, wafting from her warm skin, and I was spellbound.

But when we sat down with our drinks, there was a single moment when I thought my secret would be revealed. I introduced myself to her, inquiring as to her name. There was a long moment of silence as she stared at me and I didn’t understand her obvious disbelief. I scrambled to think of a way to cover my ignorance, but it was a moment that no amount of charm would distract her from.

“You don’t know who I am?” Her voice was smoky, but her shock was unmistakable.

I took a sip of my whiskey, still trying to buy myself some time as my mind raced to come up with answer that would satisfy her curiosity. I was certain that telling her the truth would not bode well for the rest of the evening. But what explanation did I have for not knowing something she clearly thought I should?

“I’m sorry, lass,” I began. “But I’ve been away in far flung parts of the world for a time.”

“The war?”

This I understood, at least, a bit. World War II had ended less than two years before I found myself in this bright city. I’d been able to piece together a bit of recent history during my repeated trips to the library. It was a significant event and I had spent hours reading about it, finding myself horrified and feeling unclean as I learned more about the atrocities committed during it. Even now, a few days later, I felt greatly disturbed.

“In part. I also spent time in Japan and Russia.” Aside from the implication that I’d been involved with the war, I didn’t lie to her. I had been in both of those places, and more, even if not in the way I hoped she’d assume. “So, I mean no offense by not recognizing your beautiful face.”

She smiled at me, flashing perfect teeth, accepting my explanation for what it was. “Actually, it is rather refreshing. Most of the time, people scramble to be near me, only wanting to be close because of who I am.” She stopped, frowning and pouting prettily. “Good Lord, that sounds just awful of me. It’s just that it is nice to be seen as myself and not what everyone sees on the screen.”

“The screen?”

“I’m in the pictures, darling. My name is Rita. Rita Hayworth.”

Her eyes searched my face for some sign that her name sparked recognition, but there was none. Instead of disappointment, her face filled with glee and she reached out and patted my hand.

“You really don’t know who I am! How delightful!”

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Kissing Frogs.... Let's keep the heat coming!!

Excerpt #2…

My hands moved under the hem of his shirt, sliding along the skin just above his jeans. His skin burned under my fingers. Before I could move them higher, he reached behind his back and pulled my hands away. He spun me around until my back pressed against his muscled chest. Only the arm he wrapped around my waist kept me from melting to the floor. He brushed my hair aside and his lips grazed the skin on the back of my neck, skimming from my hairline to the top of my shirt. A shiver shot down my spine and my entire body spasmed. If I hadn’t already been lost in him, I would have been the moment his lips touched that sensitive skin.

I tried to turn back around, but his arm was a hot band of iron around me. I was powerless to do anything more than be his captive. The feel of his lips on my neck drove me to the edge. He had barely touched me and I was already to the point of losing control. His tongue traced a line along the back of my neck and a shiver shook me from head to toe. When his teeth nipped at my skin, I felt my knees start to buckle. An animal need like nothing I’d ever felt before took me over and I fought against his hold to break free from him.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kissing Forgs

Kissing Frogs... Tease me please!!

Here is an excerpt and teaser from Kissing frogs to titillate the senses...

Excerpt #1…

A few glasses of wine made it easier to admit what the real problem was. The total lack of confidence in myself and my own instincts. My own personal albatross. Every time I saw his face or heard his voice, it reminded me of my every failure. I had been head over heels in love with a guy who hadn’t given a crap less about me beyond what I could do for him. The moment somebody offered him something I couldn’t, he was gone. It was the promise of fame and celebrity that lured him. It wasn’t even really about Avalon. She was just a bonus to his new life, a brainless bitch who told him how great he was and hung on his every word.

The bitch got boobs and I got to wipe my business account almost clean to pay the wedding bills. But the punishment didn't end there. Thanks to his newfound fame, the tabloids were all over anything that had to do with him and it seemed that most of our graduating class cared more about their own fifteen minutes of fame than compassion for a classmate. So, I got the parting gift of public humiliation as our story was told over and over again with varying degrees of accuracy. Even now, a year later, people either looked at me with pity or made snarky comments behind my back. The bitchier ones made them to my face. It sucked.

The whole experience had made me not only question my own intuition and judgment when it came to the male species, but my intelligence as well. From time to time, it also made me seriously consider a rather dramatic lifestyle change. One that involved long dresses, sensible black shoes, wimples, and celibacy. The thought of the latter part was the only thing that kept me from running out to the nearest nun recruiting center. Of course, celibacy was only a problem in theory at this point.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kissing Frogs

Kissing Forgs... Let's get personal with Cassidy!!

Now that we have had a chance to get familiar with Kim's Book, Kissing Frogs... Let's get up close and personal with the leading Lady Cassidy!!!

So without further ado here are five little known facts about Cassidy

1.  The first book Cassidy ever read was The Little House on the Prairie. For years, all she wanted was to move to the midwest and wear prairie skirts and ride in a covered wagon.
2.  A few months after Luke dumped Cassidy, he came back into town. Cassidy and Taylor got drunk and snuck to the parking lot outside the bar Luke was in. They found his car and put 2 rotting fish deep under the hood of his precious Mustang. After rubbing them all over the seats inside. He should have gotten his key back from Cassidy!
3.  Cassidy's biggest guilty pleasure is reading themed cozy mysteries. Totally not hip, but she loves them. Ones centered around tea shops, or crafty things, or in a small town... it doesn't matter.
4.  Secretly, she's a giant nerd. She speaks fluent Swedish, just because. She's also a gamer with an obsession for World of Warcraft and old Sega games.
5.  The same night she and Taylor fished Luke's car, she got a tattoo of a penis with Luke's name on it. It was awful. Thank goodness for her, Taylor's husband Mark is a tattoo artist and he covered it with a gorgeous spray of pink and yellow plumeria.

Looks like our leading lady has a little bit of rebellion running through her veins! Now that we've got a little more Personal you should all go get the book and Finish getting to know Cassidy!!