Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Book Boyfriend {3}

I just finished my Random read, Supernatural Devices (Steampunk Scarlett #1) for the month and was hung up on two of the boys in there so I decided to do one this week and the other next week! So without further ado my book boyfriend for the week is Lord Cruces Darthmoor!

Lord Cruces Darthmoor

Dark hair, a tad longer than than that of the times which is 1890 London.

Strong Shoulders

Beautifully Handsome looks (not much more detailed description)


"That is not what the mark is. It is not some nobleman's coat of arms, to be given out freely. It is used only with those closest to us; friends, confidantes. Potential lovers." There was a trace of his old Smile as he said that.

"And which of those categories do you see me in?" Scarlett demanded in her primmest tone.

Cruces answered her simply, by kissing her. Scarlett Had not been prepared for that. Men did not kiss women out in public like this. they simply did not. Except that Cruces did. He kissed her with an initial wave of fierce passion, which became something more gentle as Scarlett kissed him back. She knew that she should not, but she did. She kissed him back for long seconds, her lips moving on Cruces', her eyes drifting closed to feel the pleasure of it better. Cruces made no move to hold her to him though. It was as though he wanted to be clear that Scarlett was doing this as much as he was. It was Cruces' way of telling Scarlett, she was very much part of wanting this kiss as he was. Scarlett finally pulled back.

"I Hope that provides your answer," Cruces said.  "You had no right to do that," Scarlett Replied, though she did it softly.  "And yet you did not pull back sooner."

 Well no it had been a good kiss. A very good kiss. But then, what had Scarlett expected from someone like Cruces? "If that is what having your mark means," Scarlett managed to say, "I am almost glad I no longer have it."  

Cruces snorted. "Liar." Scarlett flushed slightly as she looked away. "I have to go, " Cruces Declared then. "You're Leaving?" "Only to find Rothschild. You don't think I'm going to let him leave his mark on you now, do you?"
 pg 88&89-supernatural Devices by Kailin Gow

I know ladies you're probably like how original picking Ian for a vampire but just the vauge description of Cruces and the rest of his comments from the book and that aggravatingly sexy smile of his in the book, Ian just immediately popped into my head I just wish they would have told me what color his eyes were. The describe Cruces as being forward and very handsome, kind of like Ian's character Damon, so Ian just fit my vision of Cruces perfectly, plus ladies don't lie to yourselves, Ian is super hot! 

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