Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Book Boyfriend {4}

Like I said last Week I 'm doing another male lead from Supernatural Devices by Kailin Gow, cuz I had two from the book and decided to do Lord Cruces darthmoor last week and Tavian this week so enjoy.

Tan Skin
Deep Green Eyes, outlined deep black
Dark wavy hair, just past shoulders

"Exactly what are you?" Scarlett asked. Tavian Smiled "I could dodge that too, you know, if I wanted. But I won't. Will you stand up a moment, Scarlett?" Scarlett stood, unsure of what it had to do with getting an answer to her question, but willing to trust Tavian enough to go along with it. Tavian stood too, looking into her eyes for a moment. "It is easier if I show you what I am than to tell you," he said "and anyway, I have wanted to do this since I saw you. especially since the vampire has already come clos eto making up your mind." That should probably have warned scarlett what was coming next. With a delicacy that surprised her, Tavian slid his hand to the back of Scarlett's head and kissed her. From almost the moment their lips met, Scarlett found her head filled with images. It should not have been possible, but she could see them clearly, could almost feel them.

My book boyfriend this week is played by bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, with some contacts he could have the green eyes, but he just seemed to fit the gypsy look better than any other actor I could find. so enjoy ladies.

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