Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Serpent in Turquoise Review

Published:November 7,2006 

Goodreads Synopsis:
Careening down a winding pass in Mexico to escape a truckload of goons wasn't how dinosaur hunter Raine Ashaway planned to meet Anson McCord, the archaeologist who'd written her regarding a possible fossil find. She'd expected the professor to be a fossil himself, but McCord's more Indiana Jones than the Mummy. And when he describes a lost Aztec city whose people worshipped a god resembling a never-before-seen species of triceratops, the news gets her blood pumping as much as his sexy Texan smile. Raine's ready to seek the city of the Feathered Serpent with McCord, but can she trust him to share the spoils?
It may not matter--others will do "anything" to keep them from finding it

My Thoughts:
This book was action packed from the very beginning.  You were thrown into action and adventure throughout the whole book.I loved all the Aztec stories, and legends wound into the story, it was wonderful and intriguing. The characters were well developed and had depth, the relationship in the story actually had time to bloom but was still a little quick for me. The main characters Raine and McCord were both driven, determined and stubborn which made for a wonderful dialogue between the two.

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