Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Book Boyfriend {7}

 This week my book boyfriend is Professor Anson McCord from A Serpent in Turquoise by Peggy Nicholson, He is rugged and hot and a smart-ass, but who doesn't love a little wit!

Professor Anson McCord

wonderfully carved lips
Lean, muscular body
Nice eyes, crinkled at the corners
Dark Brown Hair
Shoulders and buns to die for
sense of humor

" 'Fraid we're way past that. I'm McCord, and who the heck are you? Tell me please I didn't Kiss and agent of the IRs, hell-bent on an audit. I'd have to shoot myself. You're Lorraine who?"

"So say it! 'McCord, I owe you my sorry life. If I know where to find a dino, it's your with a bow on it.' or would you rather I turn around and hang you back in the tree where I found you?

McCord-" Too bad. I was thinking it was time for a siesta."  
Raine-"Considering we broke camp two hours ago, isn't it a bit early to get horizontal?"
McCord-"Who needs to be horizontal? With a little creativity..."

Raine-"I Think I'd fall asleep on you." she smiled against his lips. "Can I have a rain check?"
McCord-"The whole dang checkbook. Cash 'em in anytime. They'll never bounce." His kisses softened, withdrew gradually to her temple, her ear, the top of her shoulder.

I chose Mathew McConaughey to play my Professor Anson McCord because he is hot and could like rugged and I could totally see him making smart retorts like McCord!


  1. And a damn fine book boyfriend he is!!!! I think I just drooled a little. LOL :)