Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Book Boyfriend {8}

This week I chose FBI agent Nick Janconetti, from A Veiled Deception, book one in the Vintage Magic series by Annette Blair. P.S.-This actor/model's eye are amazingly beautiful!!

Nick Janconetti

Classically Handsome
Like a Roman sculpture come to life 

Nick- "You like how I smell?"
 Madeira-"You know I love Ultraviolet Man, you interfering beast."
Nick-"I do,you impetuous beauty."

{The seat belt sign went on as the flight crew prepared for landing.}Madeira-"Wow, that was fast."
{Tickling her her as he whispered.}Nick-"Don't ever say that to me in bed."
{Hardly likely, he knew how to take his time.}Madeira-"There will be no more of that, mister, if you keep calling me nuts.
Nick-"I didn't, you did."
Madeira-"You didn't deny it."
{He nibbled her ear}Nick-"There will be more, and you'll love it."

I chose this actor/model because he is smokin' and again absolutely love his eyes, plus he fit my vision of a roman sculpture come to life!

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