Friday, February 15, 2013

The Water Witch Review

The Water Witch
written by: Juliet Dark
published: February 12,2013

After casting out a dark spirit, Callie McFay, a professor of gothic literature, has at last restored a semblance of calm to her rambling Victorian house. But in the nearby thicket of the Honeysuckle Forest, and in the currents of the rushing Undine River, more trouble is stirring. . . .

The enchanted town of Fairwick’s dazzling mix of mythical creatures has come under siege from the Grove: a sinister group of witches determined to banish the fey back to their ancestral land. With factions turning on one another, all are cruelly forced to take sides. Callie’s grandmother, a prominent Grove member, demands her granddaughter’s compliance, but half-witch/half-fey Callie can hardly betray her friends and colleagues at the college. 

To stave off disaster, Callie enlists Duncan Laird, an alluring seductive academic who cultivates her vast magical potential, but to what end? Deeply conflicted, Callie struggles to save her beloved Fairwick, dangerously pushing her extraordinary powers to the limit—risking all, even the needs of her own passionate heart.

My Thoughts:
The Water Witch by Juliet Dark is the second book in the Fairwick Chronicles series. The Water Witch was a lot more fast paced than demon lover,it elaborated on the history of some more of the main characters. Callie, armed with the knowledge of her family history, is recruited to assist a group of fey back into Faerie or they could die. Callie inadvertently lets out a lethal creature from Faerie that begins to reek havoc on the town of Fairwick. Callie is trying to unlock her true potential to stop the grove from closing the last known door to Faerie. Callie faces creature way more terrifying than an obsessed individual in this second installment. I felt that this book made me more interested in this series than the first as it was more the pace I enjoy and seemed to give more depth to the characters.

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