Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eternal Vows Review

Eternal Vows
Written By: Chrissy Peebles
Published: March 5,2012


Never marry a stranger... even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal king.

Never pretend to be a princess.

And most importantly... never slip on an ancient wedding ring you know nothing about.

Sarah Larker returns to a cave where her sister disappeared ten years earlier. She walks through a portal and is mistaken for a runaway princess on the run by a dangerous immortal king in medieval times. Her plan is bold as well as daring-become this princess, wed the king, and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal back home. Then find her sister and run as fast as she can out of Dodge. But taking on the identity of Princess Gloria comes along with dangerous consequences; and slipping on the ruby ring comes with an even higher price.

My Thoughts:

Eternal Vows is the first installment in the Ruby Ring series written by Chrissy Peebles. Sarah is a researcher trying to find proof of bigfoot, she finds them and follows them into a cave that takes her through a portal that thrusts her into medieval times. She is mistaken for a runaway princess who is to wed a king that holds the key to opening the portal back home. The key is an ancient Ruby Ring that has a secret Sarah wasn't prepared for. Will she be able to find her way home? I found this Plot to be unique and very interesting, the characters are well thought out and the story progresses quickly and keeps your attention.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ember X Review

Written By: Jessica Sorensen
Published:  April 20, 2012

**Mature Content Advisory** 
Recommended for readers 17+ due to sexual situations and language

For nineteen-year-old Ember, life has always been about death. With a simple touch, she can see when someone will die. It’s her curse and the reason she secludes herself from the world. The only person that knows her secret is her best friend Raven. 

But that changes when she meets Asher Morgan. He’s gorgeous and mysterious and is the only person Ember can't sense death from. The silence he instills in her mind and body allows her to feel things she’s never been able to before, so despite her initial reservations, Ember lets Asher into her life and lets herself to get close to him. But the closer they get, the more Ember realizes that Asher is keeping secrets from her.

When unexplained deaths begin to surface in her town, Ember questions why she can’t see Asher's death and what it is he’s hiding from her.

My Thoughts:
Ember X is the first installment in the Death Collectors series written by Jessica Sorensen. Ember has a curse of witnessing someone's death with just a simple touch, She tries to keep to herself and not touch anyone so that she doesn't have to experience their death. Ember's best friend Raven is the only other person who knows about Ember's curse. Ember is amaze when she meets Asher, whom she can't read his death and it is exhilarating to see nothing.  Ember realizes that maybe Asher isn't what she thinks and begins to question everything she feels, and wonders if Asher has something to do withthe unexplained deaths occuring in her town which seemed to have started when Asher showed up. Will she believe what she feels or will she let doubt tear her from the guy she truly cares about?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ascend Review

By: Amanda Hocking
Published: April,  2012

Wendy Everly is facing an impossible choice. The only way to save the Trylle from their deadliest enemy is by sacrificing herself.  If she doesn’t surrender to the Vittra, her people will be thrust into a brutal war against an unbeatable foe.  But how can Wendy leave all her friends behind…even if it’s the only way to save them?

The stakes have never been higher, because her kingdom isn’t the only thing she stands to lose. After falling for both Finn and Loki, she’s about to make the ultimate choice…who to love forever. One guy has finally proven to be the love of her life—and now all their lives might be coming to an end. 

Everything has been leading to this moment.  The future of her entire world rests in her hands—if she’s ready to fight for it

My Thoughts:
Ascend is the third installment in the Trylle trilogy written by Amanada Hocking. Wendy is married to Tove and must now figure out how to end the war between the Trylle and the Vittra. Wendy will be queen soon and must figure out how to stop the Vittra from taking her kingdom before that happens. Wendy struggles with her feelings for Finn and Loki and must decide which man is her true love as well as what to do about her marriage with Tove a man she is not in love with. Wendy must make the descicsion that will forever change her kingdom and her people.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Torn Review

By: Amanda Hocking
Published: February 28, 2012

When Wendy Everly first discovers the truth about herself—that she’s a changeling switched at birth—she knows her life will never be the same. Now she’s about to learn that there’s more to the story…

She shares a closer connection to her Vittra rivals than she ever imagined—and they’ll stop at nothing to lure her to their side. With the threat of war looming, her only hope of saving the Trylle is to master her magical powers—and marry an equally powerful royal. But that means walking away from Finn, her handsome bodyguard who’s strictly off limits…and Loki, a Vittra prince with whom she shares a growing attraction.

Torn between her heart and her people, between love and duty, Wendy must decide her fate. If she makes the wrong choice, she could lose everything, and everybody, she’s ever wanted…in both worlds.

My Thoughts:
Torn is the Second book in the Trylle series by Amanda Hocking. The story continues right where switch left off. Wendy has to decide whether to marry a guy she doesn't love or follow her heart and possible be banished by her own people. Wendy struggles with al  lof the new responsibilities thrown on her as the trylle princess and with a war just around the corner its time she makes some decisions. Can Wendy make the right choice for her heart and her people or will she have to settle for just whats right for the kingdom? I couldn't seem to put this book down, It was ingaging and had you feeling for the choices Wendy had to make. Amanda Hocking is an amazing writer and I can't wait to read the final book in this series.