Monday, July 1, 2013

Death Rejoices Review

Death Rejoices
Written By: Aj Aalto
Published: April 24, 2013


Marnie Baranuik is back, and this time, the Great White Shark of psychic investigations has “people skills” and a new assistant who seems to harbor an unhealthy curiosity about Harry, her revenant companion. Together, they’ve got a whole lot of questions that need answering. Is an ancient vampire hunting in Denver? Who is stalking Lord Dreppenstedt? How do you cure a slipper-humping bat, ditch an ogre, or give a demon king the slip? And what the hell was she thinking, swearing off cookies?

Teaming up with her sexual nemesis, Special Agent Mark Batten, and their long-suffering supervisor, Gary Chapel, Marnie discovers that vampire hunters aren’t easy to rescue, secrets don’t stay buried, and zombies sure are a pain in the ass to kill

My thoughts:

I'm Still in love with the characters. Love the change in Marnie, guy and batten's crazy love triangle. I like that you get some more back story on guy and daysitters. I also like the addition of more dynamic characters with a twist to make you keep reading.