Monday, September 29, 2014

Just Cause Review

Published: February 27, 2011

Goodreads Synopsis:

Some superheroes can fly, or lift great weights, or shoot lightning bolts. 

Mustang Sally runs. 

A third-generation superhero, Sally's life changes forever when she fights and loses to the notorious villain Destroyer, who killed her father just before she was born. She dedicates herself to tracking him down so she can even the score.

When all you can do is run, you'd better be fast, but can even the fastest girl in the world run quick enough to save her teammates' lives from Destroyer and his growing parahuman army?

My Thoughts:
Just Cause is the first book in the Just Cause Universe by Ian Thomas Healy. Mustang Sally has prepared her whole life to be part of the Just Cause Team, A parahuman organization fighting crime. Sally is a third generation speedster, which means she can run really really fast, can put here senses into overdrive which results in time slowing down around her so she can do things before anyone even sees her such as disarm a bad guy. Sally Just graduated from the Hero Academy 6 months ago, and spent the last six months training with the lucky seven, an independent group of superheroes.She turned 18 and the Lucky seven hands her thier gift and its a letter informing her she got an internship of a lifetime with the just Cause team. Sally and the Lucky Seven are called for a ddisturbancethat proves to be difficult for the team to handle, and Sally recognizes the threat as a ghost from her families' history. Just Cause is a group of elite parahuman superheroes that take care of any parahuman threats the government doesn't know how to deal with. Sally starts her internship at Just Cause and is immediately thrown into a case, her quick thinking during the case earns her some recognition and she begins to feel more like one of the team. Sally is then selected to go on a mission with members of the Just cause team even thought she is just an intern due to her research on the subject of the case. Will Sally's first mission prove to be too much for her or will she prove just how much of a true hero she really is?

I love superheroes and this story didn't disappoint, it was full of combat and excitement and a little bit of romance mixed in. From the beginning of this book there was action going on. I liked Sally, she was very down to earth even though she was the fastest speedster to date. Sally was so dedicated to being a superhero and taking down those who pose a threat to society. I loved the powers that was given to the superheroes and the names that refrenced their powers such as brick or speedster. I enjoyed the little bit of romance that was mixed in but didn't take away from the superhero action part of the story.

In all honesty I didn't dislike anything about this story, I felt that it had strong characters and a strong story line.  I felt that it was well written and I always knew what was going on, I was never confused or lost.

I will be trying to obtain the other books in this series so that I can read more about the characters I fell in love with in this first installment. 

Make sure to check back on the 30th for the cover reveal of the sixth book Champion!!! Also we will be having an author Interview With Ian Thomas Healy and he will be giving a lucky winner a ebook of Champion on the November 25th release day!!!

A Review copy was graciously provided to me by the author Ian Thomas Healy!!!