Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blood Chained Review

written by: Eden Ashley
published: November 18, 2014

Goodreads synopsis:
Sometimes great evil is necessary to keep what you love most.

After centuries on the run, Rhane can avoid justice no longer. Primes have called him home and now he must finally answer for the sins of his past. But the situation in Rhane’s homeland is far worse than anyone could have imagined, and the judgment Rhane faces is a brutal one. Even relying on the strength of the immortal Banewolf, the man he has become may not survive.

Kali and the other kin work tirelessly to secure Rhane’s freedom, but many obstacles stand in their way. Wesley offers a solution that hinges upon resuming a dangerous search for the Siren’s Heart. Trusting him, she and the kin set out once again to find the elusive artifact, believing Rhane and Warren’s freedom can be bartered in exchange for the statue. But other creatures are searching for the Heart. And with greater resources and a head start, their enemies may reach it first.

My thoughts:

This is the third installment of the Dark Siren series by Eden Ashley. Rhane has decided to go home and let the Primes doll out their punishment. He tells Kali he will be back and doesn't come back when he's supposed to. Kali becomes very melancholy during rhane's absence. When rhane gets back home he see that the situation is much worse than he feared and is unsure if there is anyone he can trust. As a last resort Kali goes to Wesley for help in getting Rhane back from the primes. Kali and the other kin set off on a dangerous journey to secure the siren's heart in hopes of securing rhane and war's release.

I love this series, with each book I fall more in love with the charcters and the story. I still love orrin, he is very dedicated to those he loves and his and kali's relationship is that of brother and sisiter or best friends and gets really strong in this book.

Again do not read this book unless you have read the first two in the series as you would be very confused.

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