Thursday, January 26, 2017

Karma Review

By: Donna Augustine
Published: Strong Hold Publishing

Goodreads Synopsis:
People say karma's a...well, you know. Personally, I don't think I'm that bad. It's not like I wanted this job. I wasn't even in my right mind when I accepted the position.

Now, I'm surrounded by crazy coworkers like Lady Luck, who's a bit of a tramp, and Murphy's Law, who's a bumbling oaf. But the worst is Fate. He's got a problem with transfers like myself, and I have to see him constantly. It's unavoidable. We're hunting the same man—my murderer.

My Thoughts:

Karma is the first installment of the karma series by Donna Augustine.

Camilla is dead, she can't believe she is looking at her own body laying lifeless on the ground. A man tells her she needs to come with him, she will get a chance to catch her killer if she does. Camilla makes what could be the worst decision of her life and goes with the man. Now she has a we job and new coworkers and the most insane boss, but she just wants her life back.

Camilla meets fate at her new job, he's a very attractive guy but he's an arrogant jerk, and he's been assigned to work very closely with Camilla until her thirty days are up. Fate is very demanding and camilla is extremely hard headed so they clash a lot. In Camilla new job she must bring about balance and she's just not sure she's cut out for it. Can entre make it through her 30 days and get back to a life?

This book was a little slow to start for me. It was well written and the characters developed nicely. I realized that the slow start was necessary to three story, as it progressed the story was no longer slow. Camilla is kind of whiny art first and I wasn't sure I was going too like her, but then she gets herself together and becomes very likeable. Fate is your bad boy strong silent type and you're instantly attracted to him butt when he does talk you kings of want to hit him in the mouth. This book left you wanting more of the story. 

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