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Angelfire Review

Written by: Hanna Peach
Published: November 22, 2012

Goodreads Synopsis:
You’ll likely find Alyxandria slicing demons with her blades rather than plucking at harp strings. Whether it's with weapons, unarmed or with the “borrowed magics” of distilled angel-blood tattoos, she trains harder than any other Seraphim warrior to prove she is nothing like her parents who abandoned her to become Rogues.

When Alyx starts displaying the signs of a strange new magic, most don’t believe her and no one has answers for her. She starts to investigate for herself. The web of lies she uncovers will shatter her world and she’ll be forced to risk everything for Israel, a mortal she barely knows.

Alyx and Israel will soon realize that their destinies are inexplicably tied - and that their choices will determine the fate of Earth itself.

It begins in Angelfire.

Brandi's Thoughts:
Angelfire by Hanna Peach
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Enjoyed this book a lot. The POV in this book was different for me. It took a little to get used to but I liked how Hanna was able to explore the minds of the other characters through out the book. My only wish was that these transitions were labeled right away so time and attention isn't focused on "which character are we following now?"

Alyx is an orphaned immortal angel whose whole life is turned upside down. People who she thought she could trust, she no longer can, and she finds allies where she would not think. She is a strong independent female who finds it hard to trust and ask for help.

Definitely give this series a try! I cannot wait to read more and I do not want it end! Thank you Hanna for creating this world and sharing it with us!!

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