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Family Review

Written by: Robert J. Crane
Published: November 27, 2012

Goodreads Synopsis:
Just hours after finding Andromeda and crossing paths with her mother, Sienna Nealon finds herself up against a bigger threat than ever before. Omega, the organization that unleashed Wolfe and others upon her, has declared war on the Directorate and the first strikes have already landed. Facing the seemingly unstoppable forces of Omega and Sienna’s own mother, the Directorate seems poised for defeat when a new threat rears its ugly head - a traitor in their midst, one that may mean the destruction of everything Sienna has come to care about.

Brandi's Thoughts:
Family by Robert J. Crane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story just keeps getting better and better. This particular installment is good because some questions are finally answered! For example: what is going on with Sienna's absent mother? There is some light shines on who Omega is.

Of course now we are left with more questions. But I feel good as some of the problems have been resolved.

Very good character development and storyline. As always I cannot wait to continue reading the series and am glad it's along one and still going!

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