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Soul Seer: The lonely king Review

Soul Seer: The Lonely King
written: Kestra Pinegree
Published:August 19, 2015

Goodreads Synopsis:
When you share the emotions of everyone around you, how do you know which feelings, if any, belong to you?

The unusual ability to feel the exact emotions of every other human being sets Rimn apart from normal people. Some might view such an ability as a gift, but she sees it as a curse. In order to save herself and others, she is determined to reach the legendary land hidden in the northern sky, the Cloud, to either purge herself of her ability or learn how to control it.

Freed from slavery, Rimn sets off with Squall and friends for the coastal city known as Seaside, where she hopes to find a ship to take her to the North. However, her plans for traveling safely through the desert are shattered when Drooma separate her and Squall from the rest of their group. A new adventure unfolds before Rimn can continue on her way to the Cloud, starting with a mysterious traveler, and ending with an unlikely king.

Brandi's Thoughts:

Soul Seer: The Lonely King by Kestra Pingree
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Again I really enjoyed this book. I was glad to see more flashbacks of Rimn's past. Still left with plenty of questions. But that just means more books to come. :) I liked that she got more independence in this book and was able to take care of herself a little more and start to build her confidence that her "gift" could be used to help others and not make things worse. I cant wait to see how her friendship with Squall goes. Can't wait til Kestra writes the next one!

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