Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Prince of the Moon Review

Prince of the moon

Goodreads Synopsis:

Zwaantie enters Stella with only one goal—find Phoenix and run away. Only she discovers that Phoenix has disappeared—without her.

Stella is unlike anything Zwaantie has ever experienced. From the bright lights to the moving pictures, it's all overwhelming. The moment she steps foot in the country she wants only one thing—to go home.

Her plans go awry when Leo reveals to her the real reason he needs to marry her—to thwart an awful prophecy and save his sister's baby from the flesh eating monsters. Not only that, but the Voice has somehow followed her into Stella and wants her dead. She can't go home.

Trapped in a world where her every move is on display, engaged to a man she doesn't love, and with death around every corner, Zwaantie seeks solace in newfound friends and magic she never believed possible.

Will Zwaantie rise as the powerful princess she should be and do the right thing or will she forsake all for her own happiness?

Brandi's Thoughts:

****contains some spoilers****

This picks up exactly where God of the Sun stopped, which I personally love. Prefer not to have gaps that are explained later. Stella seems so much better than Sol, love all the magic and the clothes sound beautiful. I want some of them lol. (oooooh a coloring book would be so cool with this book with all the different dresses Zwaantie and Sage where). It was great meeting all of Leo’s family. Since Zwaantie was pulled into the wall after Wilma told her who wants her dead, the memory is lost. I have a guess though, I think its Luna, pent up frustration from being her slave for all those years. Im not sure, this is just my guess. I loved this book so much, cannot wait to read more in the series. I hope Zwaantie gets to love Leo. I definitely recommend this series, it is so great and descriptive, wonderful world building.

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