Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Everlasting Flame Review

Everlasting Flame
Written by: Katelyn Anderson

Goodreads synopsis:

Joan becomes involved in a war that will change her life forever. She discovers that the world holds many secrets, even magic beyond her wildest dreams. The existence of immortality drove humanity to the edge. Humans are hunting Joan's kind to extinction. Circumstances force her to act. She wishes to put an end to the slaughter of innocent Tainted Beings. Only she has the courage to step up. How far can a hero fall before they became a villain? The road of revenge is a dangerous and slippery path. That doesn't stop Joan from making the ultimate decision of becoming an assassin. Her true test is to prevail and not become consumed by darkness. Will she succeed or will she turn into the monster she was trying to destroy?

My thoughts:

Everlasting Flame is written by Katelyn Anderson. It is the first book in The Tainted Souls Trilogy. Joan lost her parents in seconds and was thrust into a life with her Uncle Damian who was a mage. Damian made her feel safe and loved but Joan wanted revenge on those who took her parenta from her. Joan finally meets someone willing to train her for that mission, but is that really the life she wants? Does she have another option?

I liked Joan, she was your typical moody teenager in the beginning and grew into an amazing atrong woman throughout the book. I think Lorenzo was my favorite character and his relationship with Joan broke my heart. I can't wait to read the rest of the seriea to see how Joan overcomes the betrayal at the end.

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