Thursday, August 24, 2017

Souls Asunder Review

Title: Souls Asunder
Written by: Miranda Brock
Published: August 18, 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

"Autumn never thought she would be faced with this choice. She couldn’t lose everything. Not again. Only this time it was different; completely, devastatingly different. When faced with such a decision, though, what choice did she really have?”

Following her purpose and picking up the pieces of her fractured heart is all Autumn wishes for. Increasing confrontations with Dehmons and the unveiling of powers keeps Autumn and her protective Searchers plenty busy, giving the Keeper the distraction she craves. Life is moving on and Autumn is beginning to find peace and strength once more.

That is, until something sinister and mysterious begins to slip into Autumn’s life, bringing with it doubts more dangerous than the Dehmons who threaten the Keeper’s existence.

New challenges arise as the Dehmon Masters start to leave their sanctuary, and with the discovery of a spear capable of turning humans into dark-souled Dehmons, the race to save innocents is more desperate than ever.

With the enemy pressing in on all sides, will Autumn be able to uncover the truth of the dark and treacherous visions haunting her mind, and untangle her heart in the process?

Join Keeper Autumn and her band of Searchers as they journey toward a destination none of them prepared for.

My Thoughts:

Souls Asunder is the second book in the keeper's way series written by Miranda Brock. I love this series. I love that the second book connects the reader further to the characters. I loved Jason in the first book however the second book definitely gave me a huge soft spot for Ronan. Can't believe Jason's role in the second book and how much it impacted the story. This series is like an emotional roller coaster for me. Miranda left this crazy ending again just to keep me baited for book 3. Love this author and look forward to having the honor of reading more of her work!

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