Saturday, December 2, 2017

25 Books of Christmas Day 2

Hello fellow book fanatics!

For those of you who didn't catch Day 1, This month I'm participating in a blog event to get all of you in the Christmas spirit! Megan from Down the Rabbit Hole BAS with Meggy and I are doing a “25 Books of Christmas” blog event together this year! We will be alternating days and will post a book each day that either has a Christmas theme or is just a great read for the holidays. We are going to try to include as many different genres as possible to have great options for everyone.

If you missed the first day over at Megan's Blog head on over.... Day 1

Day Two

We know, we know. There are a million Christmas stories out there. This is one of them... but it isn't anything you've read before. Join Frostbite the Snowman as he rips and shreds his way across your favorite holiday. Remember, on Christmas, we really get what we deserve!
From the deranged mind of David C. Hayes and the putrid brain of Sean Seal comes Frostbite the Snowman. It isn't all that bad, though. Who would wage a war on Christmas if THAT guy was coming at you? See. Silver linings.

So I love Christmas and all of the wonderful Cheer and Joy it brings just as much as the next person! I love all the feel good, happy ending hallmark Movies and sitting by the fire drinking Hot cocoa. If this is the type of story your looking for Frostbite isn't it! I love spooky things just as much as I do al things Christmas so I picked frostbite for those out there who love Christmas but still love a little horror too! I think the idea of a killer snowman sounds hilariously frightening, I can't wait to experience frostbite's reign of terror for Christmas!

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