Monday, December 18, 2017

The demon within review

The demon within
Written by Josh gagneir

Goodreads synopsis:

Joe grew up listening to the voice in his head. It helped him through school, helped him gain wealth in his career. 

The final temptation of power was too much. He hadn't considered the cost. 

Now he must find a way to defeat The Demon Within. 

Little does he know, his every move is being recorded. Every misstep is being judged. As he gets ever closer to winning over his demon, heavenly eyes watch from above. Some root for his success while others hope he'll fail. 

While Joe fights his demon on the battlefront, the angel Michael fights for his Soul. 

Will Joe win out? Will Michael be able to save Joe's soul? 

Or will the Demon win and thrust Joe into the Abyss.

I always like books involving angels and demons. Michael is one of the best angels known and he is right hard for Joe's soul. Joe has always listened to his demon within and it has gotten him do much but he's never though twice about the price of all that aid. Will Joe's soul be saved or thrown into the abyss??? This book was very well written and had a very original storyline. I enjoyed the premise of everyone have a demon within because humans possess both good and evil intentions. Definitely worth the read.

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