Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday Temptaion 2

This is a weekly meme also known as first chapter, first paragraph created by Bibliophile by the sea. I have renamed it and personalized it for myself a little!

Written By: Kim Deister

" The Next Summer.....

I shut the Door behind me and Leaned against it, feeling as if I'd just run a marathon. Evading hands that seemed to be everywhere all at once was exhausting. at least the sushi had been good, even if I spent the entire time trying to outmaneuver wandering fingers determined to make their way up my dress. I shuddered just remembering the feel of his clammy hands on my skin.

Where the hell do they get these guys? My grandmother had set me up with this one and I'm pretty sure he was closer to her age than mine. I didn't have an issue with older guys, but I did have a problem with overly handsy ones. I also had issues with guys who insisted on smoking cigars and breathing in my face over dinner, despite no smoking laws in restaurants. When he told off the waitress after she politely asked him to stop and then bitched about her with racial slurs, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. This was the kind of date that made me wonder about Grandma Fifi's mental state.

so go ahead and get this book and find out more, I love this author and am almost done with this Amazing Book!!!

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